When products demand premium clear plastic packaging, brands turn to Printex. We've been market pioneers of the clear plastic folding box for over 35 years, custom engineering and designing inspired solutions that move products. What's more, as the leading plastic packaging manufacturer, we understand the ever-changing demands of today's brands. That's why we're much more than a clear plastic package supplier. We combine our technical expertise with creative ingenuity to develop turnkey clear plastic packaging solutions that command centerstage - and quell your competition.

Although clear plastic folding cartons are our specialty, we offer several other top quality, high-end products to meet your display, merchandising and marketing needs. Plastic Folding Cartons - Machine filled or Hand loaded. Insta-Lock TM - Tamper evident locking sleeve integrates with thermoformed tray or clamshell. Snap Cap - A tube that ships flat and stores flat. Window Carton - Featuring dynamic printed windowing capabilities. Displays and Point-of-Purchase - Gravity Feed Displays and Counter Displays, Dump Bins, Risers, Signage, Literature Holders, Power Wing, Vacuum Formed Trays.

We approach each and every project with these mandates:

  • Make it memorable
  • Make it durable
  • Make it on time

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Transparent packaging inc.

Transparent Packaging has been designing and manufacturing clear plastic packaging in North America for over 25 years. Transparent Packaging is an amalgamation of what was three separate companies; Transparent Packaging Inc, Sicht Pack and Look Packaging. We are the largest clear folding carton manufacturer in Canada. The amalgamation of these companies gives us the ability to efficiently serve smaller start up companies looking for 3,000 clear plastic boxes for a new product introduction, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as L’Oréal, Elizabeth Arden, P&G, SC Johnson and others that may require several million printed PET folding cartons capable of running on automatic filling lines.

In addition to clear folding cartons made from PET, PVC, PP, we custom design and manufacture in store point of purchase displays, power chutes, shelf flags, clear lids, neck hangers and clip strips.

Some of our products include:

  • Clear folding cartons & sleeves for giftpacks or individual SKUs made from PET, RPET, TerraPET™ & PVC
  • Point of purchase gravity feeders, clipstrips and DVD displays
  • On packs and neckhangers
  • Windows and diecut inserts
  • Backlit signs
  • Clear extruded tubes

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Transparent Packaging and Nestles – A Winning Combination


PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING is proud to announce their bronze medal award in the 2016 NJPEC PACKAGING OF THE YEAR COMPETITION. The innovative clear plastic folding box package was one of the many initiatives that helped to re-energize the sales of one of Nestle’s coffee products.

With clear research results, Nestle partnered with PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING to create a new package for their coffee sachets. An innovative hybrid paper and plastic combo carton, featuring a clear plastic auto-bottom and a paper tuck-in top. The top is easily torn off, allowing it to sit conveniently on the kitchen counter. The plastic bottom keeps it from getting damp in case of spills. The attractive graphics make the package a part of the kitchen décor and encourage customers to keep their coffee sachets conveniently within reach.

Research indicated that the clear packaging conveyed a sense of transparency, while the combination of paper and plastic provided an appreciable tactile experience. Nestle had very specific criteria in regards to key aspects the plastic/paper folding carton had to achieve.

After the product re-launch, sales for the Nestlé Nescafé Sweet & Creamy Instant Coffee Sachets have seen a significant increase.

PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING is honored to receive this recognition, and contribute to the success of this product line. With decades of experience at meeting the specific and challenging needs of the evolving market, we are known for our precision, our quality and our commitment to deadlines. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING, manufacturing in the US, Canada, and China, continues to develop innovative and creative packaging solutions to address our customer’s needs. We look forward to discussing your packaging challenges and working towards our next award and, more importantly, our next successful packaging project for our client.

Since 1962, The NEW JERSEY PACKAGING EXECUTIVES CLUB has recognized the advancements and achievements of all disciplines in the packaging industry. Judging takes into account critical aspects of successful packaging: design excellence, shelf appeal, uniqueness, cost effectiveness and graphic presentation. PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING’s design for NESCAFE Sweet & Creamy claimed the BRONZE MEDAL in the FOOD AND BEVERAGE-PACKAGING INNOVATION category.

To discuss your product packaging needs, please send us an email at info@ptpackaging.com or visit us at ptpackaging.com.

Printex Transparent Packaging is a manufacturer of plastic folding cartons made in the USA and Canada, with additional facilities in Shenzhen China for its offshore clients. Printex Transparent Packaging specializes in soft crease plastic boxes that can be erected on automated filling lines or hand assembled. The company has been manufacturing clear plastic folding cartons in North America for top name brands for over 30 years and can now subcontract rigid window pick and place services for paper folding box companies.